Fill A Bag - Lots of Little Bits For Sony

on July 15, 2014

Sometimes we forget that some manufacturers do it differently. Anyone who has ever tried to fire a Swedish military rifle will know what I mean...

In the camera business Sony make the vital component for many cameras by many different makers - the sensor. They incorporate this in their own cameras, too. They also have a number of their own ideas - like the lens mount, the electronic cable release socket and the flash hotshoe - that are unique. A lot of the standard accessories don't fit.

Fortunately the manufacturers of aftermarket bits have realised this and made some specials - here are a number of them.

From JJC, a flash hot shoe to PC socket block for the top of the Sony DSLRs. Now you can fire a studio flash.

From Kenko, a two-tube set of extension tubes for E mount. Gets insanely unusably close when you use two of them on an A6000 but if you use only one you can do good macro.

Hahnel contributes one of their reliable cable release sets - with a 2 mtr extension cable.

Promaster makes the humble body cap. if you have a humble body this is for you.

Sony user, no longer do you have to feel left out when photo shop browsing. You too can fill your gadget bag with equipment rather than sandwiches.