Footlight Flashes - A Humble Suggestion

on July 22, 2015

Footlights at the theatre contribute a lot to the lighting - see the recent posting re. the Mozart opera. Now you can do the same as the big guys in your own home studio.

Look at these humble AC flashes - they've been around for ages in the trade - I remember seeing advertisements for the in Fred Spira's day. They draw power from 240vAC and ca]n be fired from a standard PC cord or from their own internal slave cell.

There is a power-on light to show when you are connected and a ready-light to show when the charge is sufficient. They fire out at about a GN of 45.

Put them into outdoor floodlight sockets ( See Mr. Bunnings for these. ) and they will synch along with your studio strobes for the authentic stage effect. Put tiny gels in under the plastic dome cover and you can make magic.

Also useful for el-cheapo copying stand and macro work and can be rigged up for an extremely basic studio portrait setup. You're only limited by your imagination and paying the Synergy bill.