Fujifilm Go Instantly Wide... The Crowd Goes Wild!

on December 19, 2014

Well, if you're going to toot a trumpet or beat a drum you might as well do it loud!

Fujifilm have a fascinating range of Instax cameras that use the instant-film technology to deliver finished analog prints in your hand in 90 seconds. There are several modls ranging from tiny to medium sized...and now there is a wide version. We just took delivery of some of them.

It's known as the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 and has its own film pack. The pictre in your hand is 11cm x 8.5 cm and 10cm x 6cm of that is picture area - hence the wide designation.

There's automatic flash, rangefinder focusing, a usefully large hand grip, and auto exposure on the camera. The close-up range of the camera gets down to 40-50cm. And thank goodness they have put a standard tripod socket in the bottom so you can use it for big groups.

Highly recommended.