on August 29, 2012
I am on holiday and not wearing Camera Electronic uniform. I am outside of the shop and I get to say what think.

I think I had a marvellous time at the AIPP Nikon Event up in the Hunter Valley. You've read my daily reports but this one is the last of that series - the gala dinner.

It was not stewed parrot, as I had feared - entree, mains and dessert as per usual and plenty of red and white on the table for all the guests. You've all been there and done that - but you haven't been there to watch hardened dour professional photographers go nuts at a print auction.

The premise of the auction as well as the Nikon/Kayell/Epson photobooth was to raise money for breast cancer research. A number of the lecturers and participants donated large prints done on Epson machines to the auction and our own Western Australian - " Old Hickory " himself - Tony Hewitt was the auctioneer. If you ever want to sell your house at auction employ Tony. He has the fastest patter in the business and the sort of sense of humour that dragged the prices of the artwork up into the multi-thousands of dollars like an F-18 going straight up.

It made me wonder at the amount of money that professional photographers and trade leaders have at their disposal - it might be worthwhile following them down a dark street and knocking them over for their wallets. Don't knock over Alicia Sinclair, though, as she is so nice....

All joking aside, the professional photographers there were magnificent in their generosity and deserve our praise. Old Hickory won another battle!

And as for me - as I left to get to the Newcastle railway station I was treated to the spectacle of an FA -18 doing touch and go at Williamtown so I reckon my day has been perfect.