Get your caffeine hit and Micro 4/3 thanks to Olympus

on May 30, 2017
Do you enjoy coffee? Do you enjoy mirror-less photography? Do you like to talk to Burke Flynn? Well you can combine all three in upcoming Coffee On Olympus events this year. These have proved popular in the past as Burke explains the operation of the new Olympus cameras like the Pen F and the OM-D E-M1 MkII. There are more possibilities encased in these new bodies than you would think - all the way from increased image stabilisation and dedicated focus stacking and shifting to extensive image customisation. It can be too much for some of us to absorb just from an instruction manual, so the Olympus company has made Mr. Flynn available to help. He has the happy knack of converting a complex series of procedures to a simple workflow - and this makes it easier for the growth of the Olympus system. Fortunately for Perth photographers, Olympus is also firmly based here in the state with medical imaging and treatment systems - they have a large headquarters and a ready attitude to help people. You can bank on them getting back to you with real answers in real-time. As long as the Java pot is hot - I am all for this! I've tested out a number of their products and can vouch for their performance - the cuppa is a bonus. Watch our emails, Facebook, and weblog pages for details about the next party date. PS: Yes, there are biscuits. Decent ones, too. None of those old flat things that taste like MDF board... Click here for more specs on the OM-D E-M1 or here for more Olympus products.