Heading Out East Of Eucla

on November 10, 2015

"Well, I'm heading out east of Eucla in the car. Now it hasn't been serviced since I bought it four years ago and I'm gonna be all by myself out there but I'm sure nothing can possibly go wrong and my vacation will be perfect and I won't be disappointed at all. "

Yeah. Sure. Said no-one ever...

But every year happy hopefuls head overseas to spend vast amounts of money on seeing things that need to be photographed and can never be afforded again...and they take the camera and lenses that no technician has ever serviced - or even taken a look at. The camera and lenses that live in a bag in a closet in the dust for 364 days per year. The camera battery that gets charged every Presidential election...

And it's all gonna work perfectly...If these people were driving the TITANIC they would hit the HINDENBURG...while smoking a cigar.

Let's reset reality. If you keep the car serviced regularly there is a fair chance that it will work when you need it to work. Murphy's Law aside, you have actually got a better chance in a car that has seen a mechanic. It is no different with a camera. In photographic terms you do not want to be stuck on the side of the optical Eyre highway trying to thumb a lift from passing Japanese cyclists*.

Come into Camera Electronic. Book the camera and lenses in with Thomas and let Ernest and Daniel ensure that they will work when you want them to work. Pay the service cost. Do it before the Christmas holiday period separates you and them. They'll be on their holidays with cameras that take pictures - if you are wise, you will too.

* They are out there. Unless they have been eaten by the French cyclists...