In The Dark With Fujifilm

on April 08, 2015

Did goe to a Fujifilm presentation laste night and was greatley amused. Also baffled* but still appreciative.

The affair was a disquisition by Flemming and Charlene about their work with the Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses. They pursue disparate visions of night club life and music presentations around the world. I believe a number of their shots were taken in Denmark ( the country, not the town...) and Singapore ( the country, and the town...).

Light seemed to be the theme of the shots - light as spread out over rock performers and night clubs. The shots were taken in se cases in RAW form and in some in jpeg. The consistent factor was the amazing ability of the Fujifilm X system to catch something out of sheer darkness.

Armed with my trusty Fujifilm X-10 I tried my luck in Shoot Photography's main lecture hall - the only light coming in was the back scatter from the projector screen and the kitchen light bulb. The ISO was cranked way up - this is perfectly in order as Flemming mentioned that they red-line their X-Pro1 and T-T1 cameras as a matter of course.

Apologies to all who might have wanted to cringe into the crowd in the darkness - the Fujinon f:2 lens on the X-1-0 and the EXR program caught some interesting files. I promise not to use any of the pictures for blackmail.

The Fujifilm X series all have provision for silent running. The focus-assist lamp stays off and the shutter noise is eliminated. You can also turn off the LCD screen so yo really are in stealth mode. Indeed, as the shooter you have to keep an eye on the thing because you don't really know that you have taken anything. The focussing can be problematical but guesstimation and the Af-C mode seem to nail it pretty well.

The evening gave the visitors an opportunity to avail themselves of reduced pricing on may Fujifilm items - and there were free filters and spare batteries going out with the deals.

Did I not have 4 Fujifilm cameras and 4 X lenses already I would have been sorely tempted to spend money.

* Baffled. Why go to night clubs when you could go deaf on a rifle range in more comfort?