In Their PRYME - The Regnard Brothers Feature In An Instant

on June 22, 2015

Pryme magazine is a publication that concentrates its focus upon instant photography - the sort of thing that Polaroid, Fujifilm, and briefly...Kodak...were responsible for. One of their recent issues feature two of our favourite Mauritians - Ian And Erick Regnard.

The article revolves around work that Ian and Erick did in the Pacific with a a camera that Camera Electronic helped them to construct. It started out as a 4 x 5 Linhof and gained a waterproof housing and instant film back. It also gained a great deal of weight to help it sink...

The article is fascinating - I never realised how many magazine covers that Tungsten have been credited with. Here's the link to read it - you might even be inspired to subscribe to the magazine.

Read the article here

The images are gorgeous and unusual.

Note - no models, sting rays, or Regnards were harmed in the filming of the series...