International Photography Awards and Competitions

on October 01, 2018
Did you ever wonder about entering an international photography contest? For that matter, did you ever look at a local photography contest and wonder whether it was a real thing - or just a way for someone to harvest copyright-free images for their own advertising? I have... Well don't be as cynical as I am - go to your computer and try some of these links to see what people are putting up as real contests. Some of them are themed, or have age restriction, but there are many more that are wide open and as honest as the day is long. You have only to look at the local events like the FiPP , the AIPP exhibitions, or Kalamunda's Spring In The Hills to see that there are fair and open competitions all over - and internationally this can also be the case. The Leica company are one to look at with their don't get much more famous on a focused basis than that. But you may also fancy the international photographic awards like the Lucei...I would suggest you start your browser on and then go on to to see what they recommend as the best contests. If you are a people shooter you cannot go past our own FiPP in Fremantle and you can even turn up a number of semi-quirky ones if you pursue It's dated, sure, but gives you a place to look for things that may never have occurred to you. And if something ran in 2017 or 2018 it is probably going to run again in 2019 - we can be sure the big-name competitions will do so. And remember that year-round competition is available locally in your own suburban photographic clubs - plus good advice, fellowship, and economic coffee and biscuits.