Is There Anything Quite So Awkward...?

on January 25, 2016

I took my Fujifilm X-T10 camera along to Christmas lunch at the Pan Pacific Hotel - as part of my new policy of taking it everywhere.

I was not disappointed as it captured the fun of a good day out beautifully. I just set the ISO to Auto 2 ( ISO from 200-1600 ) and pressed the button. The self timer yielded the heading image. AUTO was also a good choice when other family members took it for their shooting.

But what a contrast for the rest of the luncheon crowd. Santa was in attendance and several families wanted to record his visit - nearly all of them had opted to bring their mobile phones with the tiny little lenses and sensors in them or the equally awkward tablets. Every time they used them it was two hands and a napkin needed and about a half a minute of trying to position the screen in front of both themselves and the target before they could get the things to shoot.

Just as well Santa was a patient visitor.

I think the fumbling ergonomics of using a mobile phone instead of a camera completely negates any benefit they might have seen in taking only one item. And the idea of using the otherwise useful tablet as a camera? It has the handling of a baking tray.

Folks, small cameras are small Cameras. Compacts can be really tiny and mirror-less are compact enough for any sensible person to carry - and their sensors do far more than the phones. Don't believe all the mobile retailers try to tell you about photography. Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony know better.

PS: Christmas buffet lunch in the grown-ups room of the Pan Pacific Hotel is glorious. Eat till you bust and drink till you leak. Elegantly.