Just Glorious Graphite

on May 20, 2017
“ Just Glorious ” is not the sort of thing that you generally want to read in a photographic analysis column. Figures on sensor size and density, autofocus speeds and EVF refresh rates, MTF charts…all these are the meat and drink of the avid internet reader. “ Just Glorious “ is the sort of language that you expect from a travel writer or music reviewer. But you’re getting it here based upon several factors; the appearance and the function of this Fujifilm camera have called it forth. It’s not a fresh chassis - the Fujifilm X-Pro2 has been with us for several months now - long enough to garner the first of its Fujifilm ‘ kaizen ‘ firmware updates. I have no idea whether the camera that I got to use in the Little Studio is running on those updates or not, but I can report that it is running magnificently by all means. I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the brand, nor of the lineage - I own and use a Fujifilm X-Pro1 for lots of things. I can find my way around the buttons readily, though I must say that several of the new controls on the X-Pro2 are a distinct advantage over the earlier model. But the chief attraction of this camera is the appearance - it is the Fujifilm version of a silvered camera for the X-Pro range. Note I wrote ‘silvered’. It is not silver - it is defined as ‘graphite’ by the makers and is half-way between the standard black and the other sort of brighter silvered finish that you might see on the X-E2s or X-100F. Users of the X-T1 and 2 know it. It’s some sort of coating that is far more than just a paint, and is promised to be very durable. I was careful with the camera and lens in the studio because it was the shop’s demo stock, so I cannot report how well it goes under sandpaper… But it does look good. More refined than either of the other choices. It would also combine pretty well in an aesthetic sense with the standard black Fujifilm X-series lenses. The brighter silver-coloured lenses that are also made - the 23mm f:2, the 35mm f:2, and the 50mm f:2 do of course fit, but people must make their own judgement about the combination of reflectance with these. Of course the external appearance makes no difference to the fit and operation of the lenses - and you can be assured that they all fit and work perfectly - but if we are honest with ourselves as photographers, there is a great deal of significance to us in the appearance of the equipment we carry. This would not be a camera combination for the working, would-be, or faux photojournalist. It does not beg to be brassed-over, dinged, or taped up with friction tape. It does suggest the need for a very good leather half-case in either black or brown and some form of exotic neck strap. Plus a good holiday destination and a seat at the front of the airplane to get there… Don’t just take my word for it. Wash your hands and come down to Camera Electronic and hold the graphite X-Pro2 for yourself. If you are spending money it will be a lot more fun to play with than a household appliance.