Ladies Day With ONA

on November 30, 2015

I hesitate to bring this topic up in this column - a new camera bag intended for the female photographer. Any man who would essay to tell a woman what handbag to carry is more hero or more fool than I. Nevertheless, here is the news, and if it please thee, ladies, come to the shop and browse.

ONA are a firm who have taken to the camera bag market with a philosophy of heavy-duty construction and a decided level of style - it is a natural style, one might add - there is little of the artificial plastic material that features in other maker's offerings. Do not take that as a negative - there are times and places for everything.

The bag featured in the heading image is the ONA Capri in Antique Cognac colour. It is constructed of leather - well tanned and characterised by the natural creases inherent to animal skin. It seems well chosen, though. There are no wire marks on this bag.

It is in the satchel style with long loop handles to go over the arm. There is also provision for a sturdy leather shoulder strap with a broad shoulder pad. This well be necessary if the bag is packed to the gunwales with heavy camera equipment. Note from the detail photos that the attachments of both handles and D rings are heavy-duty - the handles have a complete central core under the sewn seam.

Inside there is a padded foam camera compartment plus a nylon laptop or tablet section. Please note one professional feature - the leather edge binding on the small pockets that lets them function for years without fraying. Very smooth.

I should imagine that it will absorb a standard-sized DSLR plus a couple of pro lenses very well - you can put as much mirror-less gear in there as you want - this is a bag you could carry to a pro assignment with confidence. I cannot say what ladies accoutrements you might also choose to pack - but they could go in the laptop section.

This bag is also available in a soft black leather and cloth material - many tastes may therefore be catered for. It is the sort of bag that will last a long time, so choose your style wisely.