LEICA M10 Test Drive

on October 01, 2018
Well, if you want to make yourself either very happy or very unhappy in 24 hours, here is your chance. Leica Australia and Camera Electronic are willing to trust you out the front door with a Leica M10 camera and a lens for a day. You get to go see what the Leica fuss us all about on your own with your own vision and ideas. You'll experience the ergonomics that have sold the camera to working professionals and enthusiastic amateurs since the mid 1950's combined with the latest of digital advances. In case you think that's funny - the 1950's and all - consider that many of the iconic images that have formed your view of the world came through Leica glass into M-series cameras...in case you think it's a cheap trick, ask the price... There'll be terms and conditions, of course, and you DO have to hand the camera and lens back at the end of the 24 hours, but the knowledge you will have gained in the time you have your hands on it may make you ache to own it. It might be the turning point of your photographic life. Note - the author owned half a dozen M Leica's - film ones - in his time and would ache to own them again...if he was running a darkroom again. Perhaps he needs to test drive the M10... To take the Leica M10 for a test drive fill out the form on our website at https://www.leicaboutique-ce.com.au/M10testdrive and one of our representatives will book you in. Just think what the best rangefinder camera in the world would do for you in a day.