Leica - Read It In Black And White

on May 04, 2015

No, literally - read it - or at least look at the pictures. Leicas are good for pictures...

Humour aside, Leica have always produced a very interesting in-house magazine. LEICA FOTOGRAFIE magazine was the staple read of the Leica fan for decades - a dinky little small magazine that featured new Leitz products as advertisements from lots of ancillary suppliers that could be turned to service with the Leica system.

It was a little Teutonic in the language, but nowhere near as much as GROSSBILD - the in-house magazine of Linhof. There was a wealth of information buried in the presentations so it was worth reading well and then saving on the bookshelf.

Eventually it got physically bigger and turned into LFI magazine. More colour, different advertisers, newer photographers. The shooters still did much the same things - chase trouble around the world, go on holiday to Rügen, visit Hong Kong - but there were more artistic abstract photos added. Sometimes these drew a crusty response from Leica photographers of an earlier era - and LFI printed the complaints with what must have been an impish editorial grin...

Well, we are now well within the era of the new Leica M digital cameras of various types. And we have a new Leica in-house publication started to go with the new aesthetic of digital photography. The thing is big and thick, but fortunately costs only $ 16 per issue.
M MAGAZINE is what you look for - we stock it here at the Leica Boutique Store - and you can get in on the ground floor as we have issue 1 right now.

Don't be put off by the fact that it is sealed in plastic,. I don't think there are rude pictures in there. Unlike dear old GROSSBILD...