Leica SL Launch Event Perth

on November 11, 2015

Yep. I seen it all right.

Right out there in front of a crowd of people. Just as plain as day.

Leica's National Sales Manager with a brand new Leica SL camera and 24-90mm lens and a glass of tap water. National Marketing Manager Rachelle held a dish pan underneath it. He shot a few shots off with the camera then proceeded to pour the entire glass of water over the body into the dishpan.

Then he shot a few more shots off. And wiped the thing dry with a tea towel. And carried on lecturing about it as if nothing had happened. He had the crowd's attention, I can tell you...

That's him right there - looking at the diagram of the extensive sealing on the new camera. More news about the new Leica tomorrow when the rest of the pictures have been developed.