Looking Out On The New Nikon - Behind The Name

on January 05, 2016

We've been poring over the press releases of the new Nikon gear here and noting some of the good points. You can't read everything on this blog because frankly I don't know everything, but you can think along as I hit what I think are the high points:

a. The new Nikon FX flagship camera - the D5

Well, they've boosted the ISO again and cleaned it up further in the heady reaches - you can now apparently range from ISO 50 to 3,280,000. It frankly beggars description and we'll just have to wait until we get a body in hand to go out and shoot nighttime stuff with it. Theatre, club, and sporting shooters will be delighted.

There is an new processor to do this - EXPEED 5. It will control the 20.8 MP sensor and will pedal the thing along at from 12 to 14 FPS if needed.

You'll get a far faster and more accurate AF with 153 points of observation. It should track things like a bloodhound.
It will shoot 4K video and most other things under that spec. You'll have to ask Michael Phillips or Rick De Santos about the video.

And finally it will control new controllers and new radio-frequency flash controllers for the new SB 5000 speedlights.

b. The new Nikon flagship DX camera - the D500

This is the long-awaited replacement for the D300s. Pretty darn near all the good bits of the D5 in a smaller and lighter package for the DX format.

20.9 MP, EXPEED 5. 50-1,640,000 ISO

Same AF system as the D5 - takes the 4K video too.

Has a tilting LCD screen and an in-built flash as well as the electronics to work with the new SB 5000 flash.

Has additional wireless connectivity with Nikon Snapbridge for continous WiFi connections and transfer.

c. New Nikon SB-5000 speedlight.

Looks to be about the size and power of the SB-700 but with an on-board radio receiver to do wireless connection. Simplified menu and the addition of cooling to allow it to fire a long burst of flash without overheating. MOST WELCOME for us flash shooters.

I have not been told when they will arrive but I have a sneaking suspicion it won't be until March. I'm hoping for the D500/SB5000 combo in time for the Foundation Day dance show...