Loose In The Whisky Store

on March 08, 2016

Don't be alarmed - it's just me - the drunk loose in the whisky store. Or to be a little more accurate, the photography enthusiast loose with the new Olympus Pen F camera. I'm not armed and probably not dangerous, but I may be noisy.

I'm setting myself up to test out this new camera upon the basis that some of our customers may occupy - anticipation but no technical knowledge. It'll only be the second time that I've handled a micro 4/3 camera. I don't have to pretend to ignorance - I have the genuine article.

I'm going to pretend to be a tourist with the Pen F. A tourist with a memory card and a computer back home that probably does not have the raw conversion software for this new camera. A tourist on the street, seeing what can be seen. The only difference for me will be not putting the neck strap on and not wearing socks and sandals.

The camera has the ability to shoot automatically - many cameras can do program or full auto these days - but I hope to be seduced into using the colour modifier dial and the curve modifiers as well as the special effects. After all, I am a tourist and the manual says they are there to make me artisitc. If I am denied the socks and sandals I need to break out somewhere else.

And before I am compelled to return the device I shall try it in my favourite milieu - the table-top studio. Or at least in the tabletop workshop - I have something I would like to brag about...