My Favourite Trade Stand

on September 01, 2022
I've saved the best for last - my all-time favourite trade stand at this year's PhotoLive Expo 2022. The pet electronics table. I suspect this is a stand that makes its way to any number of shows - the Royal Show, pet club days, shopping centres...whatever, it is sheer delight. If I did not own a cat I would go out and buy one - or a dog - just to get to play with the goods. It doesn't matter which end of Fido or Moggie you are looking at - this trade table has something designed to cater to it: a. Dog feeder. It watches them, distributes a weighed amount of food, or can be altered with an App. b. iFetch. The dog drops the mini tennis ball in the hopper, the iFetch turns and fires it in a fan-shaped pattern, and the dog chases it. Then the pattern is repeated - all while you are at work or out shopping. The dog is happy and you know it has worked because by the time you have got home the walls of the house are covered in little splotches of dog slobber and Fido is lying exhausted in his bed. It becomes memorable when Fido discovers a couple of overlooked hen's eggs or over-ripe fruit in the yard. Then you have more than fun - you have art. c. Cat balls and dog balls. I can see the dog ones succeeding. Dogs like balls and care about play. Cats might play with it until they get bored and then just sit there and stare at you until you regret it. Cats can sneer, you know... d. Cat Can. At this point you realise that the cat has a better toilet than you do. Warm, sleek, and you have to clean it - not them. And expensive, so that when they ignore it and use the back of the wardrobe you not only have a terrible smell but the feeling that the cat is doing this just to impoverish you. e. The automatic door. Again, Towser might adapt very nicely to this, and save you from having to get up and down every half hour to let him in and out. Dogs will wear collars pretty well. Fluffy, on the other hand, will regard this as either a terrible insult or an opportunity to reduce you to tears of rage. ( Either come in or go out! Don't just sit there with the darned door open! ) If he can do it to you right now, he can do it to you automatically. f. This one is actually fun. This motorized bone/trolley darts back and forth from commands on your mobile phone. It can either run away from the dog or chase it down the hallway in terror. Your choice. If Sir Barksalot ends up in his basket with shivering fits you'll know what did it.