New Lens From Sigma -Wide And Fast And Zoom

on August 09, 2015

Our friendly local Sigma man has just set this beauty in front of us - the Sigma 24-35 f:2 Art lens.

The barrel construction of Sigma lenses these days is simply marvellous - the Japanese makers really extend themselves to produce a quality product. This one is heavy, as you would expect from a large maximum aperture and a lot of glass. You will appreciate a tripod for low-light work - but then you would anyway.

I think this is a lens that will feature in a great deal of full-frame architecture work, particularly interiors that are to be seen in a lower light. As it is not of the exaggerated-front-element design, you will have a chance to put filters onto it - we would suggest good quality ones to complement the optics. Hoya HD come readily to mind.

I'll allow the wholesale agents to suggest that you could well choose Sigma lenses of this quality for your entire lens lineup with the major DSLR bodies - they can fight the other manufacturer's wholesale agents who will suggest that you couldn't. I shall reserve my judgement as they fight it out, but I will say that I wish Sigma made lenses for the camera system I use - I would certainly give them a good critical look.