New Lenses Announced By Nikon

on July 01, 2015

Nikon Australia has sent news to the shop of three new lenses - one for their DX cameras and two aimed primarily at the FX users.

The DX lens is a zoom model that goes from 16mm to 80mm with an f:2.8-4 aperture range. It is equipped with the VR mechanism to assist with slower shutter speeds.

The lens is physically light - an important point for travellers. It weighs 480g. There are the usual nano coatings to reduce flare and an electromagnetic aperture mechanism that lets you shoot continuously at high speed.

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The FX lenses are not zooms - they are long telephotos with f:4 apertures. There are two - a 500mm focal length version and a 600mm focal length version.

The weights are dramatically under what you would expect for such long lenses; 500mm is 3Kg and the 600mm is 3,8Kg. They both feature the VR mechanism that is adjustable from 'normal' to 'sport' for different types of motion. And the front glass has a fluorine coating to repel water and dirt.

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Nikon Australia predict that we will get to see them sometime in the middle of this month.