New News Now In - A Fresh Fujifilm Camera Just Announced

on May 17, 2015

Those of you who follow the Fujifilm bandwagon will be delighted to hear the news - a new camera is announced today!

The shape of the new Fujifilm X-T10 may remind you of the Fujifilm X-T1. No surprise that - it has been developed as a complement to that fine camera. The viewfinder window is in the middle and many of the camera controls on the X-T-10 will be i similar places to the X-T1. But what will be new?

To start with, a new AF system - in addition to the normal 49 single points for focussing there are Zone and Wide.Tracking modes that use 77 focus points. This means that there can be groups of focusing elements on the sensor that can track and predict the movement of a subject and cope well with it - whether it is moving from side to side or to and fro.

You can boost ISO setting to a very high level - 51200 - and still ge strong blacks and low noise.

You can get a very fast view of the world that you are shooting through the viewfinder - the time lag of just .005 seconds means you get a clearly defined picture of the subject and can choose your exposure moment precisely. When you go into vertical mode, the information in the finder slides down to the correct orientation at the bottom of the frame - a great help.

Note: the Sensor is the renowned Fujifilm X-Trans CMOS II sensor and the EXR II processor mean you get the excellent colour rendition that Fujifilm has become renowned for. The new Classic Chrome is in there, as well as as the other Fujifilm simulations and monochrome filtrations. For the adventurous, there are pop effects, partial colours, and a host of other special effects available in-camera.

Fujifilm enthusiasts will also welcome the inclusion of the Lens Modulation Optimiser technology in this camera - it corrects for any residual things such as diffraction - allows you to use the smaller apertures but to still retain sharpness. Very, very nice for the close-up workers.

Note as well that the new Fujifilm App can be downloaded fro your tablet or smart phone for remote control of the camera - I know this works as it is also available for the Fujifilm X-E2 and i have used it with studio down shots. Apparently you can pair it with and Instax SHARE printer for an instant in-hand photo...still to try this myself.

Also still to try will be the video mode - the Fujifilm X-T10 shoots HD movies at 24, 25.30.50 and 60 fps. Apparently many of the sophisticated functions like the focusing, film simulation modes, and scene recognition modes also work with video - those of our readers who understand theses sorts of things can get more information from the Fujifilm site.

I am eagerly awaiting the advent of this new body as I wish to compare it to the X-T1. Sometimes people get the impression that camera manufacturers make Camera A and Camera A Lite...but it really isn't like that. Every new model IS a new model and there will be new features and capabilities.

Styling changes, of course - anyone who remembers the cars of the 1950's remembers that yearly massaging of the sheet metal that caught sales. But below the tail fins and spinner hubcaps there were technical changes galore. same with cameras. I own 4 different Fujifilm cameras and they all have special things that they do. Sometimes setting out on a job is like sitting down to a table set for a formal dinner. Which knife and fork to pick up for which course?*

* Hint: work from the outside in. Do not eat soup with a fork.

Back onto cameras - we'll let you know with an earth-shattering kerboom when the new camera body comes into the store.