New Samsung In Store Now

on May 03, 2015

Just decanted from the Samsung box: NX 500 camera with Samsung 16-50mm f:3.5-5.6 zoom lens and SEF8A tilt-up electronic flash.

Possibly the best ergonomics yet for the small Samsung mirror-less as the plate for the shutter release and on/off switch has been tilted forward from flat about 20º. You forefinger falls perfectly onto it and they have wisely machined a conical indent into the smooth surface to tell your finger where to be.

The twin-wheel adjustments and the mode selector also fall well within the range of small movements and the thumb actuation buttons on the left hand side of the lens mean that the device is evenly cradled in most normal usage.

You can use the Super Amoled screen as a straight viewfinder or angle it down for waist-level use. Also fold it back 180º for selfies. The screen is pouch sensitive so your finger can poke your orders into it rather than dial them up. Unfortunately so can your nose...

The BIG feature of this camera is the 4K video it records. More and more this standard of motion picture recording and reproduction will become common - and the viewing audience will demand the increased quality.