Nikon - Flyin' Through the Flak

on June 29, 2021
The new Nikon mirror-less camera body is here - at least here in the interne reveals and reviews. They will be here on the line, so to speak, in the fullness of time. Pre-orders are possible and there is a good deal of interest amongst the photo community. As with every new thing, there are the people for whom it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then there are people on a diet who cannot afford it and will assure you that they never eat bread...but if Nikon had baked it differently... Any new product sees this treatment. In the case of this camera the appearance is a sure magnet for photographers who want the retro look. The back is full of digital controls, but the front and top are ever-so-analog in appearance. And I am charmed - the decision to make the EVF housing reminiscent of the style treatment of the SLR Nikons is brilliant. I was wrong in my guess that it would have an F mount - it has the new Z mount. And Nikon are now going to have to skate fast to get enough new lenses for the DX format ready for the new camera. They've started with some retro-look kit zooms and a 28mm f:2.8 prime that looks very much like the older film Nikon lenses. This is the way to go - back to the future for those of us who are looking ahead to the past. I note the closest focus distance for this is 19 cm. which makes it very attractive to me. Of course, someone will want a 35mm f 1.8 for this as well in an equally vintage mount, and who are we to complain... The wonderful thing about this new camera...if it turns out to be so...would be the fact that it could integrate with the Nikon flashes. I found them to be far and away the best speed lights going when I was working with the Nikon system and mourn the fact that I had to give them up when switching systems. The reviewer's flak will be one thing - the fan-boy's fire another. With every brand there are people who decry it...based upon what they themselves own. If they can never and will never change they have a debating platform to tell you why any product is not to their taste. But the prospective buyer of this Nikon DX camera may well get a far and away better better experience with it than with a number of the other brands. They have to purchase it for their needs, rather than the needs of others - and they can enjoy great style while they do it. Roll on the Camera Electronic introduction night, whenever that is going to be. I'll be there...