Not To Be Missed - And I Missed It...

on September 17, 2015

That Saturday morning was one of those occasions for which the word " Drat!" was coined. I missed out on something that was worth seeing.

Alex Cearns, who operates Houndstooth Studio in North Perth came to the Shoot Photography premises and gave a free two-hour talk about her work.

She's the lady who does animal personality portraiture. If that phrase seems strange, then look more closely at your cat, dog, goanna, or right whale and observe them - they do have personalities. Note as well that they will be observing you and drawing their own conclusions. If it is unfavourable, you may get bit.

But moving along from that, the report I received is that the room was packed, there were a great many images shown of all sorts of animals, Alex gave photo hints and tips, and everyone had a good time.

I believe that the representatives of the Tamron agents also made specials available for their lenses and some of the other products they handle - Lowepro bags for instance. Tamron lenses have been a part of the Australian photographic scene for as far back as I can remember and they are excellent performers as well as good value for money. Some of them are unique in their focal length combinations.

This will give you a good look at Tamron lenses.

And you can see some of what Houndstooth Studio does here.