Oh Lord Take Me Now - Manfrotto

on May 26, 2015

Well, you live long enough, you see everything. Domenic found a brand new Manfrotto extending light stand put away in the storeroom and brought it down to the sales floor. No mean feat, either - the thing weighs 21 Kg.

It is a 087NW cine stand. Built to take really heavy weights up really high. It will loft 30 Kg to 3.7 metres via a two-part column.

That is seriously heavy construction there. Look at the castings and the bolts. Look at the cast footplate on the side to allow the operator to get to the lights or cameras that are way up high.

Look at the cast-on ring to allow guy wires to be attached for stability in a wind.

Look at the crank mechanism - sorta like a gun mount. Serious stuff for serious studios.

Someone out there in Western Australia needs this stand.