Okay...It's Monday Morning And You Need A New Camera

on November 15, 2015

And do Leica have news for you!

Last week saw the demonstration night for the Leica SL camera and the new 24-90 f2.8 lens made for it. Two of our management people went to Germany for the big initial launch, three of our senior staff went to Melbourne for the Australian initial launch, and the rest of us just had to wait here in town until the circus pulled in.

There was a bit of speculation in local minds about the size of the camera - based upon the DP review preview pictures. It looked like a very big body in very small hands and the size of the zoom lens was also exceptional. Yet...advertising pictures can be deceiving and we needed to see the thing in hand here before commenting.

Here's the camera and lens in the hands of normal people ( Not that our staff are not normal, but you know what I mean - the hands are not the hands of professional models.). The initial impression from the picture is only slightly out - the camera is indeed large, but the model's hands in the DP Review pictures are small and the image is deceptive.

The balance of the camera body and lens combo is good - there is indeed enough grip on the RHS to manage the weight of the lens - the smaller 50mm lens that will be coming shortly will further reduce any strain. I daresay a vertical grip will eventually arrive but not for a while.

The grip ergonomics as far as access to the shutter button are fine. No finger strain as with some other mirror-less full-frame cameras. Just as well - the fingers that can afford to sign a cheque for this camera and lens are valuable and expensive appendages and need careful management.

Which brings us to the question of price. While it does have a decided cost, it is less than buying a Morgan sports car or a Holland and Holland Double presentation rifle. Enthusiasts and serious users would do well to speak to Saul regarding the price, and while the camera is slated to be available now in November there may be quite a demand for it amongst the professionals.

Because, kids, Leica has finally made a camera that is not just reaching out for oil, rice, and stockbroker money...it is actually up within the ranks of a producing professional camera - certainly capable of satisfying pro working needs in respect of auto focusing, light sensitivity, low noise, and detailed resolution.

More specs as the week progresses.