Onward And Upward With Fujifilm Firmware!

on June 29, 2015

One of the nicest things about Fujifilm X-series cameras is that they are made by Fujifilm. It's convenient too, because it means there is already a "Fujfilm" name engraved into the front of the body...

The next nice thing about them is the fact that Fujifilm constantly monitor what people want and what their cameras can do...and frequently issue updates to the firmware that operates the machinery. These updates can sometimes be minor adjustments but sometimes more extensive ones that can reset the camera's brain to produce a startling improvement.

I know - I have subjected all four of my different Fujifilm cameras to firmware updates at some stage of the game and they are very zippy instruments indeed. I don't have a Fujifilm X-T1 yet, but those of you who do can now avail yourselves of a fresh update for this camera. Fujifilm has just issues the version 4.0 for the X-T1 and it markedly changes and improves the auto-focus experience with the camera.

Faster, surer, with quick improvements to the 35mm and 60mm Fujinon lenses. Zone tracking for autofocus. Eye focus selections for autofocus. More shutter speed options. Even a clarification for the silent mode shooting button so that it spells it out for people.
There's a good report on it on a page at DP Review, here.

If you have an X-T1 you can charge your battery fully, grab a clean memory card, and do the biz yourself. Here is the link for the download.

And the exciting bit for me? What goes for the X-T1 today may very well come for the X-E2 tomorrow...