Orange Is the New Batt

on March 07, 2016

Sorry for the pun. Not repentant - just sorry it wasn't a better pun...

Not sorry to bring you news of a new battery on the racks - the Hahnel Extreme Li- Ion battery - the HLX - EL 15.

Not surprisingly, it is intended as a replacement for the Nikon EL-EN 15 battery, which is common for a number of current Nikon products. It is rated at 1700 mAh and 7.0 volts.

The package information says that it is intended for use in extreme conditions*. It apparently has a high energy density ratio and is capable of over 500 charge and discharge cycles.

The details state that each battery is injected with silicone giving them a very tough shock absorbing construction.

I've found other Hahnel accessories to be of good quality and I use their Captur remote flash trigger frequently.

* Note you still cannot use your DSLR as a hammer for horseshoes, despite what you might read on the internet.

Final note for readers of this weblog column: have a look at the little blue and white symbol on the heading image. It indicates that the product has passed the Uncle Dick test; it is in stock and I could find it on the shelf. Henceforth only goods that actually exist in Perth and can be poked and prodded will get this symbol. No air-ware, beta samples, mock-ups, or artist's conceptions. There is far too much of that on rumour sites. I ain't in the business of passing rumours - I show either marvellous or horrible realities.