Panasonic G Series Welcomes A New Camera

on July 16, 2015

Every day people present to our counter looking for smaller and lighter camera alternatives for their travel photos - we duly recommend the various options and try to talk them through their plans and needs.

Panasonic have realised that this is a burgeoning market - their G series mirror-less cameras have always combined sophisticated electronics with small size. Now there is a new model that looks to be a good choice for he raveller or home photographer.

"Home Photographer " sounds patronising but really isn't - we all need something that can take pictures in our home, of our home life. Mobile phones don't do justice to our families when we use them as the primary image-capturing device. Somewhere down the line we and our subjects are going to be sorry we opted for the phone shot when we try to get a good large print of irreplaceable people.

Well - think mirror-less, and specifically think Panasonic Lumix G7. Pop on a Lumix G Vario 14-140 lens on it and a good fast card into the slot and go for it.

The good fast card is because his camera records video in the 4K mode...and sometime in the future you'll be able to get home video replay gear that will show you the beauty of this. It is the newest and best of video.

The files that come off the micro 4/3 sensor will also be among the best that this format yields. There is an extensive range of automatic, art, and helper programs in addition to the PASM so you will never be lost for an appropriate look. Or an inappropriate one, if you are an inveterate button-pusher...

Best of all, it is light. Even the most paranoid traveller - the one who measures out their toothpaste into number of teeth times number of days away to save weight on the plane - will be able to pack this and some spare batteries and memory for their trip. And they needn't shoot everything in jpeg to save the weight of the pixels - this camera does raw at the same weight as jpeg.

In-store now and light as a feather.