Photographic Education For Dummies - the Idiots Guide To Successful Shooting

on April 10, 2016

Well, you've finally recovered from reading the digital photography magazine from the newsagent. The last HDR picture of psychedelic auroras in Aberystwith Gorge has been seen and you've had a Bex and a nice lie down. It is time to decide whether you have learned anything. Well, you've learned not to open a British photography magazine in full sunlight without putting on the RayBans, haven't you...?

Now as for any actual help with your own photography, well that's another question. The DVD about how to open layers in Photoshop Elements 6 is good but it's 11 minutes you will never have back in your life. You can feel confident in doing it, and if you get the next 15 part-works from the newsagent you will be able to close them again. Knowledge is power.

Is there anything you can do locally to increase your skill? Yes there is. You can go to TAFE, a number of universities, or some studios around town to take courses in photography. The uni and TAFE are a fair commitment and are generally aimed at turning out junior professionals to replace the ageing ranks of senior professionals. It's not as grim and Darwinian as it sounds - the old professionals get a pretty good opportunity to exploit the young professionals along the way. " Come and shoot for me." is roughly equivalent in economic terms to cat food smeared on the trigger of a bear trap. The cub photographer smells it and....

Cynicism aside, there is the opportunity for private instruction. I once tutored a young chap in portrait shooting in the Little Studio and I'm happy to say no-one was maimed. I will not attempt it again as I have a shorter temper these days. Fortunately there are other people who are better instructors and other venues more central. The Shoot Photography Workshop next door to Camera Electronic is a case in point.

It looks like they are going to run regular courses with regular teachers. I have one of their flyers before me detailing the next three months and it looks as though they are having lectures and workshops that address the shooting of food, fashion, and stars - the astronomical sort.

The fashion, food and astronomy are to be dealt with by people who really do know what is needed for technical and commercial success...because they are successful technicians. They are not a simplistic DVD trying to teach you how to suck digital eggs.

The best way to find out the details is to contact Shannon at Shoot on:

or on the

or just phone up to 9228 8232