Please Accept Our Congratulations

on June 29, 2015

Here at Camera Electronic we wish to offer sincere congratulations to the winners of this year's most prestigious Western Australian photography awards. Here is a brief listing of the winners and runner's up but if you would like to see the actual pictures on your computer there is a link here.

2015 AIPP Epson WA Professional Photographer of the Year...John Woodhouse

2015 AIPP WA Wedding Photographer of the Year...Nathan Maddigan

finalists: Erica Serena, Ross Wallace

2015 AIPP WA Landscape Photographer of the Year...Tony Hewitt

finalists: Scott McCook, Vittorio Natoli

2015 AIPP WA Illustrative Photographer of the Year...John Woodhouse

finalists: Leah Kennedy, Simone Addison

2015 AIPP WA Portrait Photographer of the Year...Nic Duncan

finalists: Steve Wise, Alan Di Bella

2015 AIPP WA Travel Photographer of the Year...Christian Fletcher

finalists: Rebecca Johansson, Jimmy Teo

2015 AIPP WA Family Photographer of the Year...Lisa Ivandich

finalists: Kristy Mannix, Tina Urie

2015 AIPP WA Commercial Photographer of the Year...Garry Sarre

2015 AIPP WA Documentary Photographer of the Year...Jimmy Teo

finalists: Johannes Reinhart, Daniel White

2015 AIPP WA Creative Photographer of the Year...Leah Kennedy

finalists: Simone Addison, Johannes Reinhart

2015 AIPP WA Album/Book of the Year...Nathan Maddigan

finalists: Erica Serena, Michelle Kiddie

2015 AIPP WA Emerging Photographer of the Year...Rob Petric

finalists: Gerrie Cooney, Missy Grant

2015 AIPP WA Highest Scoring Print...Leah Kennedy

2015 AIPP Epson Signature Worthy Award...Vittorio Natoli

2015 AIPP WA Student Photographer of the Year...Lisa Anfuso

finalists: Caitlin Walker, Liam Jones

2015 AIPP WA Print Handlers Award...Alan McDonald

2015 AIPP WA John Whitfield-King Award...Nic Duncan