Prices For Fujifilm - Right Now

on July 15, 2015

I have no head for figures, as the stock controller and accountant here well know...but I do try. Recently I noticed some confusing figures regarding Fujifilm cameras on offer so I thought I would set out the real deal right here.

Firstly - the Fujifilm company have a cashback offer going on right now for selected items. Bear in mind it'll cease on the 31st of this month - end of July 2015.

Currently they will pay you back $ 100 if you purchase a new Fujifilm X-100T. If you purchase an X-Pro1, a black X-T1, or a graphite X-T1 they will pay you back $ 200. Good deal.

Here's the current price you need to pay in the shop for each of these fine pieces of gear:

1. X-100T...................$ 1488

2. X-T1 Black............$ 1422

3. X-T1 Graphite......$ 1586

4. X-Pro1...................$ 888

The simple maths means that if you get the X-100T and apply to Fujifilm for your cashback you'll eventually have paid only $ 1388 for a superb camera.

The X-T1 in black or graphite will eventually cost you $ 1222 and $ 1386 respectively for equally fine machines.

The X-Pro1 will eventually have cost you $ 688 - which is the bargain of the year in mirror-less cameras. I know. I own one. And I am holding onto it jealously...