Red Bags In The Sunset

on December 14, 2016

Red is such a cheerful colour - no wonder it is the chosen hue of The Grenadier Guards, Leica, and the people who make the stop signs.

It is also a feature of an extremely well-made camera bag from ONA that is designed to catch the eye and wallet of the Leica enthusiast. Of course it could be used for many other camera systems, but the distinctive red dot that is featured on one of the bags buckle straps does rather label it as Leica oriented.

If that were not enough the interior has been lined with a plush red cloth that will not scratch your best lenses and bodies. You can protect the investment whilst showing off to other people...all quite legitimately.

The structure of the case is very strong and as it is real leather, a little heavy. It will wear and mark distinctively in the coming decades to give a distinctively individual case.

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