RemoVu Or Remove You? You Decide.

on December 25, 2015

GoPro Hero 3+ and Hero 4 cameras live and work in many elements - air, water, and on earth certainly, and possibly even in fire for a very short period of time. In a lot of cases the cameras operate in ways that would get their owners very hurt if they were to do the same thing - like hitting things at high speed or being precipitated into very deep water for a long time. Thus is born a dichotomy between what the keen photographer would like to see and what they would like to suffer.

The makers of the Removu have an answer to this - they have made an accessory that lets you see what the camera is doing and command its functions but isolate you from the developing disaster.

It works by using one of the GoPro components - the LCD Touch Bac Pac - and encloses it in a durable and wearable casing. Then it pumps a signal to and from the Bac Pac via WiFi, letting you monitor and control from the wrist mounting. You can be surfing, skiing, paragliding, or some other non-insurable activity in perfect safety* while your camera is not.

Beware that while your GoPro camera may be waterproof to a deeper depth, this item only advertises itself as being able to withstand one metre of water.

No bad thing if you are using the camera on a car, a bike, or a safe location and want to monitor the view as it works.

* Perfect safety? You're a GoPro user. You'd be dangerous at a smorgasbord... Just accept that this will reduce the injuries a little.

Note that this column was due to post on Christmas afternoon, but I was at a smorgasbord...