Rental Retro Revival - Two Nikon Gems In The Cabinet

on January 12, 2015

I normally do not feature secondhand or ex-demo gear here on the blog....but this is different.

As you know, we cycle through rental equipment periodically at good prices, and with the full and correct warranties. Thus you can see some pretty good-looking Nikon and Canon gear at the front of the shop every so often. Now is one of the times.

The items that particularly caught my eye were the two Nikon Df camera bodies that have just been set out. The Df is the retro-styled full-frame body with the comfortable hand grip and full manual controls out in the places where they were during the film era. But the innards are pure Nikon digital, and cutting-edge too. You can customise the controls to operate the way you want to and be sure of absolute resolution and noise handling. It's that good.

Do yourself a favour and come to look at them - best bargains so far for the year!