Renting Your Way To Success - Studio 19

on May 05, 2015

I don't know if Studio 19 has a studio - but I do know that they have a series of good ideas for your studio.

They are a firm that rents photographic equipment to the public in a three-way deal with our shop. It has advantages for all parties concerned.

You select the new gear you want - we send off an application to the rental firm...and I am happy to say that it is a reasonably easy thing to do on the computer...and they give a quick decision on the contract. You take the goods away with you, we bill Studio 19, and they take their monthly fee out of your credit card or direct payment.

The minimum contract time is 6 months. You can turn the equipment back into them at the end of that time and no more to pay - indeed no funny exit fees or that sort of nonsense. They'll send a courier to pick it up or you can drop it off back at our store and they'll get it from us. So that bit is smart.

If you continue with the gear, you can elect to purchase it at any time - they'll keep knocking down the price as the months roll on until it becomes a very low fee indeed at the end of two years. All the figures are laid out on the on-line contract so you can see exactly what they whole thing will cost at any point of time. So that is smart.

If you wish you can take out cheap repair or replacement insurance per month in case you are going to skydive into volcanoes with the 600mm Flapoflex lens strapped to your neck. The insurance is on the lens - not your neck...

Here's the kicker - this is the way to get exotic equipment to take away with you at a reasonable price - if you are going out of the country, Camera Electronic Rental Department are not going to clock out that 600mm Flapoflex from our rental stock - in case the volcano wins. Studio 19 will take the risk - because the price of the thing is covered in insurances and in the contract period. If you succeed in taking your aerial macro tele volcano shots in Kakastan and do not need the expense of the thing after 6 months - turn it in and go on to your next adventure - as soon as the burns heal.

The factor of change in digital photography and the opportunity to trial gear at your own pace - and to see if your business predictions will come true - is the thing that makes this form of Studio 19 rental a really good idea. You can take a punt with the gear and if it all works wonderfully, you can purchase the thing outright at an advantageous price - if it all goes pear-shaped you are not locked in past 6 months.

Note: As with all financial contracts, this one also means that someone will be viewing your financial situation - now and in the past. Unless you have been in the habit of taking 6 month vacations in Pentridge without the option, you should be fine.

Final Note: This is not just for professional photographers nor is it just for expensive items. They'll consider most people and most gear. So that is smart.