Resistance Is Futile - Surrender To The Fujifilm Selfie Machine

on September 11, 2016

If thou hast a duck face, prepare to make it - the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Selfie
Machine is upon us and no restroom in the land is safe. There will be selfies everywhere.

Not that there aren't right now, but this little camera makes them differently - It is easy to hold, easy to line up, and easy to make a permanent record for whoever is with you at the time.

The concept of the instant picture is as old as I am, and I'm starting to turn brown in patches and faded at the edges. But you need not worry - the Fujifilm instant film in the Instax Mini packs is full-coloured and self-sealing. It will develop right in your hand in 90 seconds and remain pretty near the same for ever after.

The Instax Mini 70 pushes out credit-card size photos from 10-sheet packs. While all the chemistry is sealed inside the packs themselves, the camera draws power for flash and processing from 2 of the CR 2 lithium batteries in the handle. Don't worry - you get a couple to start you out with the kit and you can head in to Camera Electronic to re-stock once you've used them all. Once you drop in the film pack and batteries and press the "on" button the lens scootches itself out the front and you are set.

Now you can peer through the bright little viewfinder and take regular pictures easily, but you also get the option of a self mode - press the appropriate button on the back, turn the camera round, and locate the view in the little mirror on the right of the lens. Press the shutter button and there you go.

The great part about this is Fujifilm actually tried it themselves and then made the shape and grip on f the camera so that you can do this selfie business without breaking your wrist.

For the less vain, there is also a macro setting that will go down to 30 cm from the subject. You need to take parallax into account when framing it but Fujifilm explain how to do this in the instruction book.

I'm impressed with how cute the darned thing is - there are various colours, but I gravitated to the yellow as it matches the colour of my eyes.

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