Running Out Of Stuff

on November 13, 2021
One of the most satisfying experiences for a photographer is that of running out of stuff. It leads to great things... a. You need to buy more stuff. If you like to shop, this is a chance to get out of the house and come down to Camera Electronic and wander the aisles, dreaming. You'll dream better if you bring your credit card with you... b. The makers of stuff have been busy since you last bought any. All the stuff now works faster, better, with more detail. If you use the new stuff people will think you are getting better, too. c. New stuff can be surprisingly cheap, or otherwise. Not everything is expensive, and if the stuff you've run out of is memory, and you last bought cards in 2009, the good news is the 2009 prices for digital memory have dropped drastically. You can now afford your very own Gigabyte. Get more than one, because you might run out again. d. New stuff can be a lot better styled than old stuff. Old stuff often had rivets and hard edges and awkward mechanical couplings. New stuff is smooth and can be darn near seamless. Indeed, you'll be hard pressed to find the seams on some of it. If it's been ultrasonically welded together, don't even bother looking. e. Running out of something means you actually DID something. You went out there and photographed or designed or artisted or whatever. You did not just sit with a collection of potential - you realised some of it. This is a very good sign. Carry on. If you keep running out, buy stuff in bigger packets. f. It doesn't matter if you run out of stuff on the weekend. CE is open at lots of times an the chance of getting more stuff is good.