Security Camera

on October 27, 2022
I have often been asked whether there are security cameras watching. I always assure people that there are. The heading image is one in operation. It is checked once a week after the films come back from the chemist. For some reason the burglars all feel compelled to line up and smile for the lens. There have been no instances of red indian fingers in the group shots. The police have asked for 8 x 10's and a selection of wallet-size... Listening, rather than talking, I hear a number of people who boast that they have fake cameras dotted about their home and claim to achieve the same level of security as with real ones. I am doubtful about that, though some of the results displayed on the internet when the police want to ask for public assistance suggest that even working devices are hard-pressed to get a good look at a crook. There must be higher-quality records made than the ones that float through Facebook. I'd be willing to bet there are government departments with premise security that could make full-length portraits better than I can in my studio, and from places that you'd never expect to look. The business of visiting friends in the suburbs can also be complicated if they have installed various security cameras on the perimeters of their property. I don't mind being spied on as I walk up the pathway and press the doorbell - in many cases I am not wearing a black mask or carrying a bag marked " Swag " so I look okay to start with. The black and white striped jersey with the Beagle Boys' prison numbers can be a problem, but it all depends on the class of friends you have... My pet hate is the totally secure front door - bars, mesh, locks, spy camera and such - that has no doorbell or knocker. I can only hammer so hard on the door frame before I injure myself - give me some way of rousing you inside when I am on the porch. Particularly if you are expecting me and I've arrived on time. Otherwise I'll drink the beer I brought on your doorstep and then just go home.