Sensor Cleaning Kits And The .44 Smith And Wesson

on August 16, 2015

Why the .44 Smith and Wesson? Because they were sold in great numbers to the Imperial Russian Army and became great favourites for Russian officers laying roulette...

Rather like getting sensor clean kit from eBay and reading the little instruction sheet and then having a good old go at it. You might succeed...I bought a toy car from eBay and it was a dandy. Didn't scratch the sensor on my camera or anything...

We do sensor cleaning here. Or rather Ernest and Daniel do them. Carefully. Sometimes there is a good deal of language involved, depending on how slushy the sensor is. They nearly always succeed.

Note that this success continues until the photographer changes lenses in a paddock at seeding time. The the job needs to be done again - and the language becomes more involved.