Shift Your Mind With Mind Shift

on August 07, 2016

With a product named Mind Shift you have to be very careful. One typo and the lawyers start ringing like church bells.

That accepted, the bag that I looked at - the 20 Ltr Firstlight - seems to be an ideal size for the adventurous. In particular for the people who have advanced past the single camera in a bum bag stage...but who do not want to go to the extent of taking two-oxen and a cart everywhere.

It is a stiffened-side sort of case with a rear entry flap and a number of external slide pockets for flat things like laptop computers or tablets. The main gear compartment would be suited to any DSLR without a battery grip attached and there is ample provision for the classic 3-zoom professional outfit plus a flash plus the charging gear.

People who wish to populate it with mirror-less outfits of any make will have no restrictions - there are lens pockets and body spaces galore. You could take a whole studio there.

There is even an illustration packed with it that puts a 200-400mm tele-zoom lens down the centre channel.

Ample water bottle/ tripod/ pack of Chewies storage on the outside.

Good back and shoulder padding. And an emergency whistle in case you get lost. Blow it enough times and your companions will make sure you get lost.

A good bag at a good price for the pro walker, and quietly styled so as not to make you look awkward as you go. Always good to look comfortable.

See online or shop in-store, 230 Stirling St, Perth.