Show And Tell - What I Did On Your Holidays

on February 24, 2015

I came along with you on your holidays. It was quite an experience. Being packed into a small bag together with a passport, spare credit card, and a half-chewed roll of mints. Then pushed through an X-ray machine. Then jammed into the overhead locker under a 1.5 litre bottle of gin.

The holiday itself was nice - out in the hot sun all day, covered in suntan oil, sand, bits of seashell, and what appeared to be some sort of chili gravy. The dip in the sea was refreshing, as was the dip in the wash basin afterward, and the toilet as well. ( Perhaps don't let your toddler play with me next time...)

The drop down the rock cave was a bit of a shock. I expect it was the suntan oil that was on your fingers or the neck oil that you bought at the beach bar...whatever, at least no harm was done. I bear my scars with dignity - hope your knee recovers. Pity about losing your wallet, but at least no-one will be able to access your cards now - that cave is 1000 metres deep.

Funny how holidays are so intense while we are doing them but how quickly we forget. At least you do. I don't. I am going to tell my friend Mac as soon as we get home and show all the images that you took. Including THAT one. Talk about raw...but it was a holiday and far away and what the heck. The rest will make a nice album for the coffee table and Facebook.

As for me, I look forward to the next adventure. I don't suppose you would consider a trip to Antarctica? I'm up for it. I can work down below zero. And it will make a nice change from selfies in bikini bottoms...