Sirui For The Club Person - Part Three

on January 04, 2017

Far be it from this column to suggest that photographers go armed in public - that sort of behaviour gets you into trouble with the magistrates, and rightly so. Still, it can be a comfort when taking pictures at a family Christmas party or a wedding to carry a stout club with a metal end. You never can tell when the festivities will hot up and it is best to be prepared.

Sirui have released a dandy mace...I mean a very good photographic help bring calm and steadiness back to your pictures. The P 326 is made in China where they understand this sort of thing and it is just the thing for most situations.

You'll see from the illustrations that it is made of carbon fibre - and in itself is not a heavy item. 400g. The thing will extend to 154 cm so you can get your camera up to eye level easily, and when folded down is a compact 38cm. The collar at the top is well-finished metal. Should be easy to wipe clean...

Use it whenever you need to steady the camera short of complete immobility - for that you still need a tripod. This is ideal for sports or theatre coverage. At a car show you can set the camera going on self timer and hoist it up above the crowd level for down shots.

The piece-of-carpet-tile or CD disc advice ( thank you, John ) we gave for landscape photographers applies equally with a monopod, plus if you are covering footy or a car race with a heavy rig, it prevents you screwing yourself into the ground. People who submit freelance pictures to publications will get screwed enough without having to pick their lenses out of the mud...

I see that there is also a light carabiner clip and plastic compass included with the monopod. If you are intending to use them to navigate your way through the desert or climb Bluff Knoll I would also suggest an EPIRB and a series of good excuses for when they find you. Send us a picture.