So How Stylish Do Ya Hafta Be In Brooklyn Anyway?

on January 31, 2016

If you're carrying some good camera gear - a small DSLR or mirror-less system camera, a tablet, and some good glass - well - you hafta be stylish. No good carrying it in a paper bag. Ya won't get no respect.<search><text>=ona+brookl&catalog<sort><on>=relevance&x=0&y=0

Ona have been revolutionising the fancy camera bag market for some time now with designs that take advantage of top quality leather and fabrics and that don't end up looking like a shotgun cartridge case for Lord Farquhar's second ghilly. Not that we are knocking Lord F or his choice in canvas is just that you can do a lot more with fanccier materials.<search><text>=ona+brookl&catalog<sort><on>=relevance&x=0&y=0

Look at the Brooklyn bag for instance. Leather, not canvas. Made like an old-school old school bag but with modern divisions and proportions to take camera gear. The dividers can be repositioned and the interior lining is perfectly kind to any camera or lens finish. There is a bucket pouch for a tablet at the back.<search><text>=ona+brookl&catalog<sort><on>=relevance&x=0&y=0

The handle is extremely sturdy and will support any weight you might reasonably put into the case. If you insist on filling it with ingots of gold that is your affair. At least the side straps will carry the weight, regardless of whether your shoulder will hold out between the Mint and the bank.

The bag is available in black or chestnut leather and has superb leatherwork - note the double finish stitch on the edging of the personal effects pocket. This is a bag that commands respect - when you carry it people move to the side reverently and if they do not move fast enough you can swat them with it. A bag for the photographic autocrat.