Some Artistic Events Coming Up

on August 19, 2015

Number One.

There is an exhibition currently on show at the Linton & Kay Galleries - 299 Railway Road, Subiaco and there is to be an especial artist talk connected with it.

On Saturday, 22nd August at 2:30 PM, Tony Hewitt will be speaking to his works.

This is proudly sponsored by Fitzgerald Photo Laboratory - Renowned fine art photographer Mr. Tony Hewitt concentrates on images that are both literal and abstract interpretations of the relatively thin boundary separating land from deep water, and the way that man interacts within these regions of both natural and constructed landscapes.

A 'Grand Master of Photography' of the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photography, he was named Professional Photographer of the Year for 2013. Mr. Hewitt has exhibited extensively both within Australia and abroad.

Here is a link to their site.

Number Two.

The 2105 Perth Heritage Days photographic competition has prestigious sponsors and valuable prizes.

The sponsors include Leica Australia, Fitzgerald Photo laboratory, Camera Electronic, and Heritage Perth.

The prizes will be a Leica camera and a $450 printing voucher from Fitzgerald's. There will be a Judges Prize and a People's Choice prize.

Submissions are invited for he inaugural Perth Heritage Days 2015 photographic competition.Photographers will be encouraged to explore the amazing heritage places which can be fond in the city and to show their vision of Pret' Heritage.

The competition is open to all non-professional photographers who are residents of Western Australia.

Closing date will be the 30th of September 2015.

Here is a link to the website.

Number Three.

There will be a small group "boutique" tour of Cambodia under the title " Captivating Cambodia".

It will be conducted between October 30 and November 5, 2015.

The ancient temples of Agkor and the rich culture of the Kmer civilization awaits. Master photographer Nick Melidonis with guest: renowned American photographer John McDermott who resides in Siem Reap will take you on a personal journey to discover the culture and wonders of this exciting and vibrant destination.

8 Participants only.

Full details are available at: