Steady, Boys, Steady...

on April 30, 2012
After braving my wingeing about the old Tiltall tripod that regularly barks my shins and knuckles, faithful readers are entitled to demand what exactly it is that I do recommend for their own ventures into the wild. In a word - Cullmann.

Make no mistake - we sell Cullmann so this is advertisement as much as avuncular advice. But the goods are good - the tripods in their range feature magnesium metal for the their frames and spreaders and either aluminium or carbon fiber tubing for the legs. The locks are generally lever-type with adjustable travel to make up for future wear. The designers have been sensible enough to round off the corners of the castings so you will not peel bits off your hide as you work with it.

Choose whatever size of leg suits your projected working height - tall if you can stand it, short if you need to pack it into a suitcase. Likewise choose between one of their three-way or ball heads and let one of the staff here show you the correct way to secure it to the legs. It is very simple and you can make sure it does not unscrew as you try to pan or tilt.

You can look upon the Cullmann as a good investment - they are a direct import and the price has been kept at a low level because of this - and the Cullmann company are prepared to give a 10-year warranty on their products.

Finally - a shooting tip that is not commercial. When you take your tripod to the beach for sunset shots the legs will sink down into the sand and make it impossible to get a steady camera. Beat the sand by taking three carpet squares or pieces of plywood with you. Pop them onto the sand and they'll support the tripod feet perfectly.