Stirling Street - An Experience In Art

on February 18, 2015

In my time as an employee here I have seen a number of interesting sights in Stirling Street - generally early in the morning.:

1. Two policemen dumpster-diving our rubbish bins on a Friday morning. It was after the council truck had called and before I had wheeled the bins in, so they were doomed to disappointment.

2. A woman kicking a Telstra phone booth to death at 10:00 in the morning. As you do...

3. The chair depicted in the header. It may have been a chair of quality and dignity once but it has fallen upon hard times. Whether it got here by its own devices or was conveyed by others is not clear, but it has not moved all day and I am gravely concerned about its future.

4. A full double bed surmounted by a garden swing...sitting in the footpath a few doors up. Eventually it disappeared...

5. A Toyota sedan T-Boning a Volvo sedan. Probably not news to traffic patrolmen or users of roads in Subiaco but as both vehicles were parked and unoccupied here in Stirling Street at the time, it raised some questions in the mind.