on November 29, 2022
I have occasionally been accused of superficiality with the posts on this page. I'm proud of it - being super at anything is an achievement. Likewise in my photography - it may not be much, but it is something. If it was not for me, other people would have no idea how good their work is. I don't judge them - I serve as their horrible example. Artistic excellence is a hard thing to qualify - though the people who strive for prizes certainly attempt to do so. Likewise the quantification of the art is the goal of many working photographers - a steady exchange of images for money. Few people who try to cut out the intermediate stages and just print their own money succeed - fewer still when they restrict themselves to coins. Do you find yourself taking things all too lightly - or so seriously that you've lost all joy? If it is the former, people will pull you up on it - particularly if you are doing something for them. A certain dedication is expected when you're serving others. And you'll need to look and sound like you are serious if there is any money involved. People paying are the boss of most situations. But try not to be so focused that you cannot see the background. Photography is not rocket science unless you are strapped to an Atlas-Agena and they light the blue touch paper. Try to keep a little perspective on what you are doing and let art or whimsy creep in around the edges of technique. And accept anything that works, even if you did not actually do it on purpose. The Mona Lisa was supposed to be a cartoon.