If You're Going To Work For A Living...

If You're Going To Work For A Living...

You might as well work hard; lifting bales and toting barges. And carrying the sort of lenses that make bales and barges feel lighter. The working professional who needs to remain a distance from their subject...
on November 01, 2022
What Is The Opposite Of Retro?

What Is The Opposite Of Retro?

And there will be readers who suggest " orter ". Or at least they oughta... I may be the last person on the planet who should review an action camera - given that I finish most...
on May 08, 2022

" Do I Need A Tripod?"

Yes and No. If your aim is to produce rock-steady images with no extraneous influences - no blur and no mushed pixels...and if you make an exposure longer than the time it takes you to order...
on March 01, 2020
Stein, Errr...On Steiner

Stein, Errr...On Steiner

I have promised the Operations Manager that I will restrain myself from puns about the Steiner brand of binoculars. They are a serious optical company and deserve my every respect. The fact that we share a...
on May 30, 2018
The Sigma Difference

The Sigma Difference

People who read this column regularly are getting pretty used to the flights of fancy that sometimes occur. And they are more critical than you might think. So I don't think I will have any luck...
on January 30, 2018

Action Stations - General Quarters - Part Two

This is getting quite exciting - you can tell who's going to be the first in the movie queue for the new Tom Hanks movie starring him as a destroyer captain. I hope I don't get...
on October 09, 2016


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