The Big Unwrapping - New Pentax Full-Frame Lens

on March 13, 2016

You've all probably seen one of those YouTube videos that show an enthusiast opening something. And I don't mean an Egyptologist chiseling open a pyramid - I'm talking about a camera fan unboxing his latest, online, with the Ride Of The Valkyries playing in the background and the sound of helicopters. I love the smell of bubble wrap in the morning...

Well, I tried my hand at it in the Little Studio. The new HD Pentax-D FA 24-70mm f:2.8 ED SDM WR lenses have arrived on the goods -inwards desk at Camera Electronic and I snaffled one for illustration. It was strangely exciting - particularly seeing as how I don't own a Pentax camera.

Oh this one is Pentax alright - the mount is absolutely classic AF Pentax. And the style of the barrel and the knurling are also Pentax. The entire shape is a refinement of what the company has been doing for decades - and is a clear advance in organised design.

It's heavy, but not as heavy as some of its competitors. It is designed for the new full frame Pentax body when it arrives but can be used cheerfully on the current small-frame Pentaxes. You'll note it carries extensive multi coating and the orange band on the mount is a weather seal.

F 2.8 in a 24-70 lens is no surprise for photographers who use other brands of camera. It is one of the classic go-to choices for both small and full frame and can be used in low light situations. The increasing advance of ISO speeds in modern cameras together with the improvements in AF systems mean that this now extends into really low light work. The fact that it is not a bigger front element must be a comfort for the available light workers who don't want to haul an arm-breaker of a lens.

The barrel seems very well built - and as you can see it does not extend too far with the zoom. There's a barrel lock in case you are worried about it creeping out but it wouldn't creep far anyway.

I expect the Pentaxians...or is that Ricohvians these days...will be queuing up for this one soon when the big body arrives. It might be worth while putting your name down for one or starting a lay-by in anticipation. Also available through the on-line store.

Note: You do get to find some odd things if you look carefully at the packaging these days. We appear to have a love letter from Ricoh...or they might be stalking us.

The HD Pentax-D FA 24-70mm f:2.8 ED SDM is available for order in store and on our website.